What is an errand service?

An errand service takes care of the details in your life that you are either to busy to take care of yourself or that you are just unable to do. We do the actual running around for you, whether it be going to the grocery store and shopping for you or standing in line to pay for that speeding ticket you received because you were picking up a gift for a party you have to attend.

Who can use this type of service?

Anyone from moms to working parents to the busy business traveler to the elderly and everyone in between. All businesses running short on employees and time with deadlines. If you can’t get your to-do list done, then you definitely need this service.

Can I afford this type of service?

We always ask potential clients just how much their free time is actually worth to them. Most of them felt hat the time they can spend with family, friends or doing other things that are important are priceless. We can put together a package that suits both your needs and your budget.

What if I need you last minute?

That is Ok. Emergencies do come up from time to time. Although we prefer 24 hour notice, we will do our best to make sure you are taken care of. After all, we are hereto help make your day stress free.

Can you transport people?

No, due to liabilities we do not drive people anywhere.

Do I have to give you money before you shop for me?

No, unless you want to. We take care of the purchases and collect money later. Though credit card information will be asked for up front for security purposes.

Can you return items to retail stores for me with out my credit card?

Yes we can! Depending on the store, given that you have a receipt, the charge will be reversed automatically onto your credit card. Otherwise they will give us store credit.

Do I have to be home when you drop things off?

It is all up to you, you don’t have to be. You can give us instructions to get into your home and where to leave the items. We will unload groceries and put most of them away too! We can also bring items to your workplace if you prefer.

When do you start and stop charging?

We start when we leave our office. Using shopping as an example, if you email or call us with a list we start charging when we leave the office and stop charging when we return to our office after the items have been delivered. 

Do you run errands outside of King County?

Yes, on the way to any destination and back we charge for our time plus mileage at a rate of .5350 per mile.